WSET D3 Examination Coaching

I have been through the entire WSET Diploma process.  I have felt the emotional roller coaster that goes with it, particularly the all encompassing D3 Module.  Many people fail this exam despite having extensive knowledge of wines around the world and often working in the industry for many years.  The reason for this then, lies not in their level of knowledge, but instead in their preparation to sit the exam and their capacity to perform well under exam conditions.

I work with individuals or in small groups to prepare you properly for the D3 exam.  Together we work though

  • Understanding the best way of learning that works best for your brain and your mind
  • Developing a robust revision plan which includes back up scenarios for when you get distracted or have to change things
  • Motivational & emotional support for the times when you question your ability to become exam ready
  • Checking in regularly to make sure your revision plan stays on track
  • Techniques to help you focus and stay positive in the moments when you start to panic
  • Preparation for exam day so you do not feel overwhelmed
  • Robust exam techniques to make sure during the exam itself you stay focused, keep to time, and are able to execute answering the question based on the knowledge you have


For more information and/or an informal chat about how we can work together to get your through the D3 exam, please email