The really good wine club

An amazing wine collection starts with a core group of wines that are “old friends”. “Old friends” are wines that you can rely on to excite and delight and be relevant for the atmosphere in which they are served.

Old friends are not controversial, polarising, or pushing the boundaries of wine making techniques. They are not intended to be fashionable, trendy, or follow the latest fad in the wine world

We provide the wines that become old friends, and then offer guidance and recommendations on how to find an eclectic range of wines that compliment this base collection.

The service is based upon our learnings and customer feedback from creating The Wine Parlour and sourcing the wines we serve. Every wine we import has been personally selected by Chix. Over many years she has met wine makers and tasted wines using only personal intuition to guide her choices in which wines to present to our customers.


Research Update

Later this year we will be working with a sensory panel of wine enthusiasts to understand the key characteristics of an “old friend wine” by style and category.

Email if you would like to receive updated regarding this work