Corona Virus – The Beginning

The Corona Virus is very frightening.

I first heard about it before we left for our three week holiday to Sri Lanka.  Back then it was something happening far away in China.  The thought of it becoming a global pandemic affecting every single aspect of life in every country did not occur to me.

Then we saw what happened in Italy and how the government struggled to cope with the pace of infection and the level of support all aspects of the population required.  The term “lock down” seemed very dramatic – but now very familiar.  Even at this stage, I did not expect to see the full crisis unfold in the way it has.

When the warnings began in the UK we took action straight away.  We upped our hygiene protocols and we began to do some scenario planning – most of which seems irrelevant now.  The main considerations were protecting staff from infection, protecting customers from infection, raising awareness of the virus, reducing stock and inventory levels, trying to improve our cash / liquidity position.  Slowly less people wanted to be out on the streets, slowly you could feel a greater level of stress and tension.  At this point we were not ready for what was to come next.