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Wine Zones – A focused celebration of a wine region!

Whilst doing the WSET Wine Diploma I have learnt how to “deep dive” into a particular region to really get to grips and fully explore it.  For me this involves understanding the geography and landscape of the region, the climate and how it affects grape growing, the wine styles and grape varieties that come from the region, and some notable producers.

Over the next few months, I want to bring these deep dives to The Wine Parlour in the form of

  • Focused tastings around a region
  • Social media posts on Instagram telling the story behind the region
  • A wide selection of wines from recognised producers
  • An opportunity for increased trade by introducing the right wine makers to the distributors – insuring the fit is good and works financially
  • Creation of a micro sites offering trade and consumers better understanding of a region and its potential

The first of these will be The Sherry Wine Zone and then later in the year we will be delivering the Beaujolais Wine Zone in time for Beaujolais Nouveau.

If you are a trade body or winery looking to increase awareness of your region please contact me to see if we can work on a Wine Zone delivery program for you.


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