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Marketing For Wineries & Vineyards


In conjunction with my PhD work, I am working towards the following publication in 2024

Marketing For Wineries & Vineyards

This will be a comprehensive marketing manual / handbook specifically for the wine industry.  It will feature, history and case studies of the main marketing considerations for wine, a practical guide covering the key topics and challenges for a marketing team, how to’s with do’s and don’ts and best practise examples, and an overview of the key business models and frameworks that a winery need to be familiar with.

As this work progresses, I will be publishing summaries and extracts that vineyards can download for free and use to improve their marketing.  The first of these will be “wine labelling and why it matters”.

  • Core elements of the main publication will include
  • Marketing audits and how to use them to create better distribution strategies for wines
  • Creating your brand – Story telling, provenance, terroir and how to find your true point of difference and stand out
  • Building your brand – Moments, how to find the right moment for your wine and make it resonate with consumers.  How to engage your audience through marketing and social media
  • Wine labelling and why it matters
  • Trade Marketing – How to appraise routes to market and the marketing support required for each one
  • Key metrics and how to appraise the effectiveness of your marketing strategy
  • How to encourage repeat purchase and forge deeper longer lasting relationships with consumers

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