Business Commentary

An old firend!

I had coffee from my Window Coffee Shop mug this morning.

The business closed earlier this year to refocus on different ways of sharing great coffee with people.  The Window is a great example of a small business which has truly great marketing and branding.  There is a new coffee shop there now, but people will always talk and remain loyal to The Window.


Some new courses!















Recently I have been thinking hard about the best way to help businesses in South London.  For me, it is about working in collaboration with small management teams to inspire them to change, adapt, and achieve new goals.  I do this through working with individuals and in workshop environments.   Often having an external facilitator who is not close to the day to day running of the business can provide a clarity and focus which it is difficult to find on your own.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how I work and could add value to your business at any time.  More information is also available from this link.



The Binding Machine!!












Do you remember these?  A 50 page document could be ruined in second!!

Once an office essential – I suspect the PDF killed them off!!



I feel like a real London commuter today….


I am wearing trainers to work because of the snow!!

Streatham Office!!



Cold, rain, but not much snow!


Some current reading……


Less We Forget

If you can, go and see this.

Reflect.  It is beutiful.



I got my first poppy today.  London does an amazing job at helping every generation to remember our history and our heritage.


If you get the chance, visit the poppy fields at The Tower of London – it is beautiful and poignant all in one.

An office is never just an office!

I sometimes wonder what happens to an office once people leave for the last time.

There are so many stories inside an office.  Hopes, dreams, ideas, sad times, happy times, emergencies, new customers, old customers, and a little bit of gossip thrown in for good measure.  Many people spend as much time in an office during the week as they do at home (especially if you discount sleeping time).

I wonder what will be here next.  Some stories ended here, but sometime soon new ones will begin.


Hurricane Gonzalo