Life is what happens when.......

I’ve been into marketing for 20 years specialising on the consumer.  For the first 15 I worked in large businesses as part of a team, then after finishing my MBA I started offering freelance marketing / general business support to companies who recognised they needed some extra expertise and resource.

Through a series of events and circumstances which I had never imagined, after getting married last year, I joined my wife’s wine business, The Wine Parlour, on a full time basis. Since then I have been learning lots about the challenges of managing a small independent wine retail / import business on a day to day basis, improving the business systems we use, and of course marketing the wines and wine courses we sell.

At the same time I have tried to dramatically improve my own wine knowledge. To this end last year I completed my WSET Level 2 qualification in 2015and this year I am studying towards Level 3. I try to work in our bar from time to time and speak to as many customers as possible. I am also planning a wine trip for me and Mrs C later this year. You can learn more about my journey into wine here.

I am currently looking for a small non wine related project to be involved in. It could be a business, an idea, a charity, or a project. If you think I could help you for 1 or 2 days a month, please get in touch!